Woolworths has begun its shift towards sourcing its paper bags from an Australian supplier after they faced a major amount of backlash when it was discovered the item was being imported from China.

The supermarket announced this week that South Australian producer Detpak would eventually supply stores around the country with recyclable paper bags, made from 70 per cent recycled paper.

The paper bags which were imported from China launched in June this year, but many shoppers weren’t too happy about it.

Some had issues with the non-plastic option while others weren’t thrilled about them being imported.

The new partnership has promised to create more jobs for Australians and contribute to less plastic entering the environment.

At least 12 new jobs at the manufacturer’s Adelaide plant had been created so far, with an additional 12 to be created as the bags are introduced nationally.

The Australian-made bags are currently available in South Australia and Northern Territory stores and are expected to be available nationwide within the next year.

“Our proudly SA-made bags are the result of Detpak’s hard work to build the local capacity needed to supply almost 80 stores across South Australia and the Northern Territory,” Woolworths managing director Natalie Davis said.

“We look forward to seeing our contribution to the local industry grow as we roll out Australian-made bags nationally over the next year.

“As paper bags become a permanent part of our range, we’re delighted to be supporting new South Australian jobs as we move to a local manufacturer in Detpak.”

The bags will be made with 70 per cent recycled paper and also contain un-recycled paper to provide a stronger structure. All materials used have been sourced responsibly.

This article originally appeared on Over60.