A man in the United Kingdom has shown he will go to great lengths to make sure his loved ones still get their daily dose of happiness despite the strict social distancing measures in place due to coronavirus.

29-year-old plasterer Antony Cauvin’s came up with an innovative method to maintain social distancing rules by placing a humble shower curtain between him and his granny.

Antony altered the curtain to have arms so he could still hug his nana without touching her.

He dubbed his ingenious invention as the “Cuddle Curtain” with his wife posting a video of it in use on Facebook on the weekend.

Since then the clip has gone viral, with over 68,000 likes. 

Cauvin explained to Sky News that he first tested the idea with his parents.

“We giggled about it but thought, “this could actually work”,” he said.

In the touching video, Cauvin gets to hug his gran Lily for the first time in months.

Cauvin disinfects the sleeves after every hug and requires that he and his grandma wear gloves for hygiene purposes.

“We never touched any part of Grannan at all – I’m a believer in social distancing and don’t want to put anyone at risk,” he said.

“When you’ve known someone all your life, to be able to hug that person again… it brought a tear to everybody’s eye.”

 This article originally appeared on Over60.