Tourism Australia has taken a drastic new approach to their latest marketing campaign in an attempt to get Aussies travelling again.

Rather than boasting scenic shots of Australian destinations, their message is simple: get vaccinated.

Tourism Australia is encouraging more Aussies to explore more of their own backyards and take up more domestic travel opportunities for the sake of our mental well-being.

However, with lockdowns continuously extending and borders remaining closed, the message portrayed in the newest ad is to encourage Aussies to get the jab.

The campaign launches on Friday and is called “It’s Our Best Shot for Travel”, which will be rolled out across major newspapers, TV stations and social media platforms.

Image credit: Tourism Australia

“We need to claim back our way of life so that we can visit friends and relatives, get back into the workplace, get our kids back to school, travel domestically and internationally again, and welcome the world back to enjoy all that Australia has to offer,” Tourism Australia’s managing director Phillipa Harrison said.

Ms Harrison told an online webinar that domestic travel recovery plans have been a huge focus for Tourism Australia as Aussies remain locked down, saying the industry has “a tough couple of months ahead of us”.

As Scott Morrison announced that Australia could move into the third phase of the pandemic’s exit plan once 80 percent of Aussies are vaccinated, it is clear that the tourism industry shares the same goal.

Ms Harrison said it was “very clear now that the pathway out of this is vaccinations, and it’s going to be hugely important to us.”

“I think we have a little bit of clarity now that this isn’t going to go away, and even if you’re not in a lockdown market, you are certainly being affected by the fact that the two largest domestic source markets are in lockdown,” she said.

Many parts of the tourism industry have taken a pro-vaccination stance as it continues to suffer from the effects of lockdowns and travel restrictions.

Image credits: Tourism Australia/Shutterstock

This article originally appeared on Over60.