Passengers have spoken about the rage they felt after their flight aborted take-off at the final second twice in a row.


Travellers were heading to Auckland from Kuala Lumpur when their flight came to a sudden stop, as the plane was unable to take off.


Passengers were then put on another flight the following day, only for the same issue to happen again.


One passenger was so distressed that an ambulance was called, according to The Daily Mail.


Serjit Singh said that passengers jolted in their seats after the pilot slammed on the breaks.


“I was in utter shock and disbelief. The exact same issue that was meant to have been fixed was not and the lives of all passengers and crew on board were risked,” Mr Singh told the New Zealand Herald.


“I told the head steward that I wanted to get off the plane immediately.”


Staff were quick to assure passengers that the problem was being fixed, but passengers refused to board the plane again.


“We refused and said we are not getting on the same plane and we are not to be used as crash test dummies. This was the collective view of the entire flight,” Singh said. 


The plane landed in Auckland 24 hours later than they were expected and passengers have not received an apology from the airline.

This article originally appeared on Over60.