A travel influencer has reignited the age-old debate over what personal items truly belong in a plane’s overhead lockers, after they called out passengers for filling the compartments with their jackets.

Snapping a photo on the on-board “crime”, online observers were quick to chime in with their thoughts on the matter.

Given the online discourse around the controversial jacket storage, a poll conducted by found that most people agreed that there was nothing wrong with the action.

While most people agreed that filling up the lockers with jackets is a frustrating move, an overwhelming 90% agreed that it was fine to do.

“I thought that was exactly what an overhead locker was for???” one reader commented.

However, according to globetrotters Matt and Hillary, who posted the original video on TikTok, doing so is a “crime”.

“If you plan to fly in 2023, please don’t be the people who fill up an entire overhead cabinet with your jackets. It’s an absolute waste of space. They could sit on your lap or most airlines have hooks.”

Instead, a more common gripe for travellers, according to the online poll, was the size of some people’s ‘carry on’ luggage.

“I think it’s time the airlines stamped out some of the sizes of cases that get taken on as hand luggage,” one person said.

“Jackets and small bags should be the only items in the overhead locker. Too many people bring way too much carry-on luggage and take up the space of others, I might add this is my pet peeve when flying anywhere,” another agreed.

“It amazes me that folks get on aeroplanes with suitcases or sacks they expect to squeeze into the overhead lockers without any thought or consideration for their fellow travellers,” was another frustrated reply.

Image credits: TikTok

This article first appeared on Over60.