The time of hoping the airline staff doesn’t notice your overweight duffel bag and your tactics of sneaking in a few extra kilos are coming to an end as Tigerair is cracking down in Australia.

The budget airline is currently trialling a new check-in process that uses a tag system to ensure all carry-on bags have been approved before boarding.

The new system works by weighing and checking the size of the bag before giving it the green light. If it passes the test then it’s given a tag, and a bag with no tag means it has not yet been checked.

And as your mind is working in overdrive to think of ways to curb the system, you should know that the tag will be stamped with the date. Meaning they can’t be re-used.

The trial is currently in operation for the past month at airports in Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. reports that the system will be in place for all Tigerair flights by the end of next year.

Speaking with, a Tigerair spokesperson said that this is a “new and innovative process” that benefited both parties.

“[It] not only highlights our crew that luggage has been checked before boarding but helps to educate our customers on where to stow their bags when they board their flight,” the spokesperson said.

“The trial has already been very successful in relieving the common issue of congestion in the cabin overhead lockers by creating more awareness around customers being able to store their bags securely under the seat in front of them.

Tigerair currently allows for passengers to bring a maximum of 7kg in their carry-on, and they also provide the added option of upgrading to cabin+, which allows up to 12kg.

Article created in partnership with Over60.