Sylvia Jeffreys has slammed Woman’s Day over an article about her husband Peter Stefanovic.

The magazine ran a two-page spread claiming Peter is “at war” with his brother Karl Stefanovic.

Appearing on Today Extra alongside David Campbell, Jeffreys held up a copy of Woman’s Day and said: “I just couldn’t help but notice the Stefanovics are at war … brothers Pete and Karl are at war … jealousy over career things.”

Mocking the magazine, Campbell asked: “So this fan fiction’s in what?”

“Woman’s Day, the greatest fan fiction of all time,” Jeffreys replied. “It’s almost science fiction!”

The article claimed Karl was “jealous that his little brother and rising star Peter got to go to Washington D.C. to head up the coverage for Sky News Australia” whereas Channel 9 allegedly refused to send him.

The story included quotes from a “close family friend” that said: “It’s no secret Karl regards himself as one of best broadcasters in the country, so this latest blow has him pretty hot under the collar. He could see his rivals over at Seven’s Sunrise dig deep and send Natalie Barr over to the US – it was fair enough he was miffed!

“It didn’t help seeing younger brother Pete standing on the White House lawn in the US capital, while Karl was forced to make an awkward appearance at the State of Origin opening match.”

Jeffreys joins a list of Aussie TV stars who have slammed publications for false stories, with Richard Wilkins and Lisa Wilkinson taking aim at tabloids in the past few weeks.

This article originally appeared on Over60.