Teenage “speed camera warrior” Beau Jackson has been confronted by a disgruntled middle-aged woman as he warned motorists of an upcoming speed camera.

The Central Coast local has dedicated his free time to alerting drivers to hidden speed cameras that can often result in hefty fines.

While parked on the side of the road with a sign bringing attention to the sneaky cameras, thankful motorists often show their appreciation to Beau by honking their horn.

Despite his noble cause, the 17-year-old had his first unpleasant experience with a local, and shared the confrontation on social media.

Beau filmed the woman, who he dubbed ‘Karen’ walking away and said from behind the camera, “This lady tried getting me by complaining about the honks – tried getting a photo of my number plate.”

“It’s the first Karen interaction,” he laughed, as another passer-by honked their horn.

“She tried to take a photo of my number plate – I’m legally parked, there’s nothing she can do about it.”

When speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Beau explained the woman lived close to where he was parked, and got sick and tired of the honking noise.

“She asked me to move because she was sick of the honking,” he said.

“I told her I was only parked there because the speed camera van was parked a few metres in front of me.”

The woman was unfazed about his mission to save locals from spending hundreds of dollars in speeding tickets and continued demanding that he move.

When he continually refused, she started taking photos of Mr Jackson and his bike.

“So I started taking photos of her,” he recalled.

“She backed right off when I did that, and then she starting making phone calls.”

Beau was unsure of who the woman was calling, but explained that as soon as the mobile speed camera took off from the area, so did he.

“When they left, I had no reason to be there anymore so I left,” he added.

As Beau’s video of the encounter racked up thousands of views, many people left comments telling the teenager to ignore the haters and keep protecting the community.

Image credits: A Current Affair

This article first appeared on OverSixty.