A new report from Luxury Gold, experts in the realm of boutique luxury travel experiences, has shed some insight into what hopeful holidaymakers can expect to find on their next once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Whether your interests lie in unique experiences you can brag about at every dinner party for the rest of your life, taking home a special piece of your dream getaway as your own personal treasure, or exploring locations most could only ever dream of setting foot in, Luxury Gold have you covered.

And while some may be a little unsure at the prospect of luxury travel during a cost of living crunch, Luxury Gold have actually reported a 150% increase in bookings since 2022, and expect almost one in six Australians over 18 to spend $10,000 on their next big break.

With that in mind, it has never been more important to know exactly what you want to get out of your holiday – and where to find it. Luckily for us all, Luxury Gold are experts in the field of Luxury Small Group Journeys, and are on a mission to redefine the idea of the New Golden Age of Travel.

As managing director Toni Ambler explained, “a holiday is more than ‘just a holiday’ for modern luxury consumers, especially post-pandemic. Instead, it’s an opportunity to grow, learn and soak in experiences that will change us for the better. It’s travel that’s more purposeful and curated, as opposed to ‘in-and-out’ or flash-in-the-pan holidays.

“Our customer base has always expected to have one-of-a-kind experiences on their trip. ‘The New Golden Age of Travel’ report underscores this notion, but also shows that we’re seeing a return to this nostalgic essence of what travel used to be in the golden age, where consumers crave curated experiences, souvenirs that matter, and activities that expand our minds.”

And when it comes to those curated experiences, Luxury Gold have noted that consumers aren’t just looking to spend their money on flights and a destination before calling it a day, in a trend they’ve named ‘Touring on Top’.

Instead, they want an experience out of it all – one unique to where they’re visiting, and one that ticks every box they could ever want to fill, with a trip and itinerary designed specifically for them and their interests – even the most niche of the bunch.

“Post-pandemic, we’ve seen a lot of change in the way Australians travel and why they are travelling. The rise of the travel advisor is key to this, as clients want end-to-end experiences and touring is the perfect example,” Global Brand and Marketing Director for Luxury Travel Associates Anna Burgdorf said.

“Instead of booking flights, accommodation and activities on their own, more and more Australians want this process to be seamlessly managed and that means finding a trusted advisor that can undertake this process of collaboration with them … booking a tour simply takes the guesswork and stress out of the booking process.

“Whether visiting Travel Associates or speaking with a travel agent, these experts work closely with the customer to understand their unique needs and custom build a package tour that works for them.”

Essentially, people want human service, and they want someone who’s going to understand – and respect – every last bit of their holiday desires through the entire planning process.

American Express have reported that 59% of people would like to work with a travel agent to get the personalised trip of their dreams, while GWI have found that 77% of luxury travellers would rather spend on an experience – or products for one – that comes hand in hand with a sense of community.

A rise has occurred in the number of community-oriented trips taking place in the travel sector – with those seeking both the community experience of those they’re taking with them, and those they’re meeting along the way – as people realise what it is that’s important in life, turning their attention to experience, and not only things.

However, it can be hard to come home from any trip – especially when it’s not just the trip of a lifetime, but also one entirely for you.

That’s why it can make all the difference to bring a little piece of it with you, especially as travellers are searching for those crucial tangible experiences – or, as Luxury Gold have found, ‘Tangible Nostalgia’.

As Toni Ambler explained, holidaymakers used to be able to show off their passports and the various stamps they’d collected within, boasting of their adventures with some proof over where they’d explored in their journey across the world.

But now, trends suggest that it’s less is actually more, with Toni noting that “it’s more about the quality and unique experiences we’ve had over volume.”

Additionally, people don’t just want something to pop on their shelf and forget about, instead reaching for something that evokes the same feeling as the passport boasts, or throws them right back into a moment from their trip, bringing memories to the forefront every time they’re around their treasured keepsake.

For example, The Maker Hotel have released perfumes designed to remind visitors of their time living it up away from home – scents that will keep the good times coming, and won’t see those souvenir funds going to waste.

TravelPulse have also revealed that music plays a major part in the travel experience, too. So the next time you’re overseas – or even exploring what’s on offer at home – make sure to compile your very own playlist, so the sounds of your experience will never be far from your ears.

And as Planet 9 Private Air believe, remaining true to your destination has never mattered more to travellers, as “from the locavore culinary trend to a focus on locally made crafts and artwork, the luxury travel industry is discovering its preference for high-end goods and services sourced from the destinations they represent.”

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This article first appeared on Over60.