Cruise life can come with its ups and downs, as in any situation. What might be an island dream one moment could be a less-than-appealing experience the next.

Setting sail can bring peace, comfort and a luxury experience. Waking up to ocean sunrises and eating chef-crafted meals with a sunset view is an incredible experience. However, there can be some negative factors when considering going on a cruise.

Expensive costs

Even if you have an income that can deal with tricky financial situations, it is important to take precautions.

Medical care, tips, premium restaurants and expensive excursions can leave a dent in your bank account you might not have been aware of.

It’s important to consider the unexpected costs of a cruise before deciding whether you want it to be your next getaway.

Cramped space

Unless you’re forking out money for a more expensive suite, rooms can be small with no luxury features. If you are planning to cruise with a group, consider room sizes and its specifications as you might be unimpressed with your stateroom size the day you board.

Sea sickness

Unfortunately, even the strongest of us might not be a perfect match for a large ship scaling the open seas. Motion sickness is extremely common. If considering a cruise, see your doctor and look into medicine (just in case) for motion sickness, as cruise ship medication can aid you – but possibly at a high price.

Despite the negatives that you could be faced with on a cruise, the experience is still an unforgettable one that can leave you missing it when you get off the vessel.

So, ensure you plan your next cruise taking the above tips into consideration, to help avoid any disappointments, and you’ll have the holiday of a lifetime.

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