The real reason for Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s return to Australia has been revealed.

The Aussie lovebirds and their daughters Sunday, 14, and Faith, 11, landed Down Under in time for Christmas to spend some quality time with their mothers.

“My mum just turned 80 and Nic’s mum … who knows how many Christmases we get with anybody ever, but particularly with our mums,” Keith told New Idea.

“[We] really cherish that chance to spend Chrissy with [our mums] and our family in Australia,” he added after mentioning the loss of their fathers in the last few years.

During Nicole’s last visit to Australia at the start of 2022, she revealed that her mother Janelle, now 82, was unwell.

“We’re here primarily to take care of my mother and to have her surrounded by her grandchildren,” Nicole said.

“She has every brain faculty available, so she hasn’t lost anything. She hasn’t lost any memory, which is fascinating, and she’s extremely bright.

“So I’m getting access to the world through her eyes, my mother’s eyes, so therefore a part of me at 80.”

The pair however are making sure their children are being accustomed to the Aussie way of life by soaking up the sun at Sydney’s Balmoral Beach.

Image: Instagram