For many tourists visiting London, the London Underground is a blessing as it’s easy to navigate, fast and boasts 270 stations across 11 lines.

However, some tourists are too eager to jump on the Tube and it’s costing them almost $200k a year.

A report by the UK’s The Telegraph has shown that tourists in central London are wasting money catching the London Underground between the two closest stations on the network, which are Leicester Square and Covent Garden.

The stations in London’s West End are about 275 metres apart and take four minutes to walk between them.

The ride on the Tube between the two stations takes just 45 seconds and costs 2.40 pounds (AUD $4.48) for a single pay-as-you-go ticket.

A freedom of information request by The Telegraph showed that an average of 862 people travels between the two stations each week.

This means that close to 45,000 people are making the short journey each year, spending unnecessary funds to do so to the tune of AUD $201,600.

The report pointed out that walking between the stations is probably quicker than catching the Tube anyway after factoring in time spent getting down to the platform, waiting for a train and then returning to street level.

This article originally appeared on Over60.