Two tourists have received a hefty $1200 fine after breaking into the Colosseum in Rome and having a beer after it was closed.

The pair, aged 24 and 25 according to The Guardian, climbed to the second tier of the tourist attraction in the early hours on Monday (local time).

They reportedly chatted over some beers while the amphitheatre was closed to the public.

The American tourists climbed over high railings, walked to the second level, and settled at a spot overlooking the city, CNN reported.

However, they were spotted by a member of the public at about 5.30 am who alerted the police.

They told police they were “just having a beer”, the Italian press reported, but were then fined by police for illegally entering the Colosseum.

According to the BBC, the pair were fined a total of 800 Euros, or $AUD 1250.

But, this isn’t the first time tourists have broken the rules at the Colosseum.

In 2015, two California women left their tour group and etched their initials into the structure, an action which is strictly forbidden.

Image: Getty Images

This article first appeared on Over60.