Travelling overseas is very enticing. From diving into a new culture and learning their customs, to absorbing and learning a new language, it’s no doubt an incredible experience – but don’t neglect the beauty of your own country. You might be surprised at what you’re missing out on right on your own doorstep. Here are just a few simple reasons why thinking local is often the best way to explore.

1. It’s cheaper

Most people are eager to see the world but overseas travel is expensive! You can have your holiday with money left over if you travel locally.

You can stay with friends to keep accommodation costs low and since you’re in your own country, you don’t need to worry about taxi drivers ripping you off, or if lunch comes with a hefty price tag as you are already well acquainted with currency and costs.

2. It’s more eco-friendly 

Road trip time! Or just shorter flights. Driving or taking shorter flights will reduce your carbon footprint compared to travelling overseas. Driving in particular is a fantastic way of taking in the scenery.

3. It’s easier

You don’t need months to plan a domestic trip, and if your plans change, no worries! Last-minute changes are much easier to handle since you’re already in the country. Travelling locally also allows for far more spontaneity.

4. It’s a chance to support local enterprise

Travelling in your own country will help to give your local economy a boost. You’re sure to discover hidden gems and form long-lasting relationships with small businesses, which will only entice you to return for years to come.

5. It’s never too late to go back

Coming home from a holiday and realising you haven’t ticked off all the boxes on your itinerary can be disappointing because you don’t know when you’ll have the money or the time to go back! Travelling locally allows for more trips, especially if you drive, so you’ll have the opportunity to go back again and again!

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This article first appeared on Over60.