While cruisers will surely be keen to spend most of their time out of their cruise cabin and above deck, or out at the islands and beaches they’ve paid to venture to – that doesn’t mean they won’t spend much time in their cruise cabin.

There are often a number of rooms to choose from when booking an ocean getaway, which range in size, price and location.

There is one category of a ship cabin however that travellers should avoid at all costs unless they are willing to make a big risk.

Online cruising specialist is Cruise Bulletin has urged those looking for advice for when booking a cruise to avoid “guaranteed cabins” unless they are willing to book a room that might not meet their expectations.

While guaranteed cabins sounds like a good idea considering travellers could end up with the better end of the stick for an awesome price – they do run the risk of getting a cabin they might not have anticipated.

Guaranteed cruising may offer a room that seems great because of the price, but you never truly know what you’re gonna get until you’ve already booked.

“These types of cabins are sold with a big discount on them (which is why they get booked),” Cruise Bulletin said.

“The cruise lines do tend to use them to fill up those ‘awkward’ spots that guests wouldn’t normally choose to book.

“These include cabins above the theatre, below the sundeck and next to the lifts are common examples.”

This means travellers might end up with a stateroom that could be too noisy, cramped, or badly positioned on the vessel for them.

Experts recommend thorough research ahead of booking a cruise to ensure they are satisfied with their room decision.

If you are thinking of going with a guaranteed booking, just remember you always run the risk of ending up with an unsuitable room.

This article originally appeared on Over60.