A Reddit thread has amassed a large amount of views after it asked people to explain things that go on at five-star hotels that the public are not privy to.

The post began, “People who work at 5 Star Hotels: what type of s**t goes on that management doesn’t want people to know?”

One of the top voted posts came from one former employee who revealed guests should never drink from water glasses that are left in a hotel room.

“Never trust glass in rooms,” wrote one Reddit user.

“GRAs [Guest Room Attendant] are so stretched thin on time that they will clean the glasses with the same rags they clean the bathroom, after all their goal is to make the room look clean.

“I worked as a GRA in a five-diamond for years and there was over a year period that went by where we didn’t get a clean glass delivery. We didn’t have dishwashers in the room, so management was complicit. This was in a five-diamond, one of the top resorts in the world. Never trust glass in hotel rooms.”

Another user shared just how disgusting hotel rooms are, even though they may look “clean”.

“Don’t even get me started on how ‘clean’ those rooms are,” the former hotel worker wrote.

“Your $1000/night does not reflect those standards. They still wash them teacups in the bathroom sink or the bathtub.”

Another post came from the husband of a former five-star employee who claimed the ultra wealthy are badly behaved guests.

He said the luxury hotels and residences where “rich people live at the hotels” were homed by the incredibly wealthy, and were the worst behaved.

“Besides how absolutely disgusting everything inside the rooms actually is…I was most shocked by the behaviour of the ultra rich,” they wrote.

“I’m not talking businessmen and doctors. I’m talking Saudi Princes and Heirs to Dynasty families. The level of comfort and technology these people have come to expect is things we cannot imagine.

“‘What do you mean there isn’t there access to intercoms next to the bathroom for when I need services while going potty?’ ‘The television inside the shower is only a 40 inch and there is no gold in this room I need a better suite’. ‘I’m gonna need you to go out, buy me better bedding, remake my bed, and then do it again tomorrow because I won’t sleep on the same bedding twice’.

“And that’s just the tip of the iceberg,” they added.

One former employee also revealed bed bugs are a common occurrence, even in luxury hotels.

“Bedbugs. Every single hotel from run down motels to 5-star resorts has dealt with bedbugs,” the user wrote.

“They happen in every hotel,” another said.

“You might be paying $5k a night but your luggage was in the hold with everyone else’s. If there’s only one or two bugs and none in the adjacent rooms (diamond style, so above, below, and both sides) then you brought them in.”

“Tip about bedbugs: when you arrive NEVER put your luggage on the bed,” someone else went on to add.

“When you arrive, keep lights off, put luggage in bathroom, and then at the head of the mattress peel back the sheets and mattress pad. Bedbugs tend to congregate there, but scatter when there is light. If you find bedbugs, you can request another room.”

This article originally appeared on Over60.