The world’s top 99 tourist attractions have been ranked, providing people all across the globe with an answer to questions over where they should go next to avoid disappointment.

The rankings, compiled by Stasher’s data analysts, took into consideration the likes of online reviews from TripAdvisor and Google, the quality of local accommodation, distance from international airports, safety for tourists drawn from each country’s Global Peace index rating, and popularity on social media apps like Tiktok. Using this information, each destination was then given a score out of 10, and ranked accordingly.

In last place, with a dreadful score of 3.42/10, was Los Angeles’ Hollywood Walk of Fame. Unfortunately for the attraction, this is not the first time it’s taken home the wooden spoon – in 2019, Stasher’s first study placed it at the bottom of the list too.

Turkey’s Grand Bazaar came in at #98 with a score of 3.48 – being one of the world’s oldest shopping centres has not proven enough to wow the tourists who stop by. The Taj Mahal, with its distance of 219km from an international airport, took out the 97th spot with 3.83.

The USA’s Busch Gardens and South Korea’s Lotte World rounded out the bottom five as #96 and #95 respectively. The former was declared to have the worst quality of local accommodations, and received a score of 4.52. Lotte World fared only slightly better with 4.8 to its name.

Things went better for the world’s top 10, and although Australia fell a little short, New Zealand made it to #9 with the Museum of New Zealand claiming 6.9 points. Meanwhile, the Sydney Opera House came in at #17 with 6.67.

The third best place in the world to go on holiday? Iceland’s geo-thermal Blue Lagoon. With an overall score of 7.5, this stunning location sees thousands of tourists stop by each year to swim in the blue water in search of its alleged healing and rejuvenating capabilities.

In second place was, surprisingly, Disneyland Paris. The resort destination boasts popularity on TikTok, and is considered to have some top quality local accommodation. Additionally, reviews for Disneyland Paris are overwhelmingly positive, leading to an overall score of 7.17.

And in first place, taking home the title of the World’s Best Tourist Attraction, was the Hungarian Parliament Building. The building – a majestic sight on its own – received a score of 7.34. Neo-gothic and overlooking the River Danube, it houses Hungary’s National Assembly, and is considered to be one of the city’s must-see tourist spots.

To help drive home its ranking, the site’s online reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with 93.4% of them falling into the categories of “Very Good” and “Excellent”. Furthermore, local accommodation is good, and Hungary boasts a reassuring safety rating of 1.4 out of 5.

Check out the full list here to start dreaming up your next getaway.

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This article first appeared on Over60.