Our WYZA® Wise Up! research reveals that travel is the number 1 leisure passion for over 50s, here are the highlights.

Did you know? Travel is the no.1 leisure passion for over 50s. Two thirds of us are really into it, and it’s not just a passion: three quarters of us intend to book a holiday in the next year, either in Australia or overseas.

So who are these travel intenders? 

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Intending travellers 50+ are more likely to value independence, fun, activity, individuality, socialising and pleasure generally. 

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Love to travel? You are also more likely to be more actively engaged in other aspects of life, such as:

  • Renovating or redecorating your house 36%

  • Further education 25%

  • Changing Telco/ISP/utilities provider 19%

  • Seeing a financial planner, investing money or buying an investment property 34%

  • Buying or selling your home or having a seachange/ treechange 16%

  • Starting a regular exercise program 35%

Are you planning to travel this year? Where will you go?