Many of us struggle with employment as we get a little older and want to start a business instead. After all, it's a fantastic idea and a great alternative to job searching and continuing to work into older age.

WYZA has partnered with Silver & Wise to provide loads of content and support to help you on your way. This six part intro series is a great start to get you thinking.

Articles in this series

  1. Before you ask 'how' to start a business ask 'why'
  2. Five tips on starting a business
  3. How to set and reach your business goals
  4. Plan your work, work your plan
  5. Customers aren’t always right (but they are always there)
  6. Climb a tree and holler (always be promoting your business, no matter what)

What kind of small business do you want to run? Let us help you on your way to success!

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