Just because you have to dress for ultimate comfort, it doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish. Here are five handy tips for dressing for the airport.

1. Bring a cardigan

Even if you’re flying from one warm climate to another, anyone that has ever flown knows it gets a bit nippy up there. Planes only have a limited number of blankets, so save yourself the fuss and pack a large cardigan or something similar in your carry on.

2. Avoid too many metal accessories

Although your watch may be a staple, try to avoid over doing it with accessories you’ll have to take off at security. Not only is it annoying for you and slows the line-up for others, you also risk losing them in the hustle. Also, avoid belts.

3. Comfortable pants or skirt

Your tight jeans are not your friend on a tighter aeroplane seat. Wear lightweight materials. or, opt for a dress.

4. Layer up

The more clothing you have; the more items you have at your disposal to use for different purposes. A scarf can become cushion and a jacket can become a pillow. This is also great for when you’re struggling to keep your bag underweight.

5. Avoid items you have to pull over your head

Clothing such as sweatshirts may be comfortable, but they are hard to get on and off. It’s important for both security and the plane to wear things that are effortless to pull off and put on, or your neighbour may cop an elbow to the face.

What are your airport dressing tips? Let us know in the comments below