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Your body language in bed
Your body language in bed

Your body language can reveal a lot about your personality and your thoughts. But you’ll be surprised to know that your body is communicating even when you’re asleep. “When you think about it,” says Dr David Greuner, “most people spend six or more hours per day sleeping, so of course your sleeping position reveals a lot about you.” And by that, Dr Gruener is referring not only to your personality, but your health.

Chiropractor Michelle Robin adds that the way you lie on even the best mattress can also affect your health. “If you remain in a position for hours at a time that puts a kink in your neck, numbs your arm, or hurts your hip, it takes a toll,” she explains. “One that is not merely physical, but also mental and energetic.” The good news is that we can also work with our sleeping positions to get the maximum health benefits from the time we spend between the sheets.