Other reasons you’re bruising easily
Other reasons you’re bruising easily

Getting older aside, some people just bruise more than others. A tendency to turn black and blue from minor injuries seems to run in some families, and as a general rule, women tend to be more susceptible than men. Scientists are still exploring precisely why.

For another possible explanation, look to your medications. “The long-term use of oral or topical corticoster­oids [anti-inflammatories prescribed for arthritis, among other conditions] can cause the skin to thin, making it more prone to bruising,” says Pasquali.

Drugs that reduce blood clotting, such as Aspirin, warfarin and rivaroxaban, are also common culprits. They make capillary bleeding longer to stop, resulting in bigger and more noticeable marks. This doesn’t automatically mean you should stop your prescription, particularly if you’re taking medication to control the risk of life-threatening events, such as heart attack or stroke.