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Easing our hair out of the pandemic
Easing our hair out of the pandemic

In the absence of hairdressers, some of us shaved it off in despair, while others embraced the inevitability of visible greys and creeping lengths, doing away with our straighteners and dyes and balayage.

While the very nature of preening and styling our hair can be an immensely important part of feeling ‘ready’ for the day, there is also something quite freeing about a stripped-back beauty approach. During lockdown, searches for the ‘Curly Girl Method’ soared as people tried to recover their GHD-damaged locks, while many of us embraced working from home as a great opportunity to train our hair into less frequent washes. Society frequently conditions older women in particular, to feel as if their hair should be kept short and in a certain style, but as the country begins to slowly prepare for re-opening, many of us will find that we’re actually quite happy to keep up with our new haircare-normal.  If you’re looking to ease yourself out of the pandemic without abandoning your low-key ways, here are our top haircare tips.