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Why is obedience training important?
Why is obedience training important?

Whether you recently adopted a pup or have loved one for a while, you might wonder if you should enrol your pet in obedience training. The easy answer for most dogs is yes – especially if they haven’t completed a basic course yet. “Any dog can use training,” says dog trainer, Nicole Ellis. “It provides mental stimulation and helps grow the bond between you and your pet.”

But while every dog can benefit from training, some need it more urgently than others. If you spot the following behaviours – which range from fear-based to boredom-based and everything in between – it’s time to enrol your dog in obedience training as soon as possible. Just a few hours of training a week could boost your dog’s confidence, challenge his brain, and help him feel more at ease in his daily life. And who doesn’t want that?